World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5th, has gained global recognition as a crucial event to raise awareness and drive action for environmental protection. In 2023, the FCCF (Forest Citizen Conservation Foundation) commemorated World Environment Day at the Christ Africa Church, focusing on the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution.” emphasizing the need to combat […]

Woodlot Project

FCCF is working with IFAD-VCDP Benue State to establish a woodlot in Gwer West, Logo, and Kwande Local Government Areas in Benue State. The proposed woodlot is designated for growing and harvesting trees and non-timber forest products. These woodlot land areas are owned by an individual in a farmer’s cooperative, but the management is in […]

The ITN Project

The ITN project is an effort dating back to 2020, where we give out indigenous tree seedlings to organizations for their projects. Over the years, the project has supported five organizations and individuals in restoration projects and tree-planting activities. FCCF is committed to restoring degraded and deforested landscapes, thereby expanding the scope of the initial […]